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Žilina town

Žilina is the center of tourism of northwest Slovakia, in the Váh river valley, on the crossroad of ancient roads. The history of Žilina is very rich. The oldest written mention about Žilina is from 1208. In the next centuries Žilina was an important center of hand-made manufacturing and education.

The old core of the city is conservation area Renaissance houses on the square with typical arcades built on original gothic land parcels, original gothic Holy Trinity Church, baroque churches with Franciscan and Jesuit cloisters.

Žilina town

Žilina is the important center of education and culture. It is the seat of the Univesity of Žilina, Považské Museum with unique tinkery exhibition, Považie Gallery of Arts and the State Chamber Orchestra.

To the Žilina area there also belong Budatín castle, the castles in Teplička nad Váhom, Gbeľany, Krasňany, Divinka and Kunerade. In neighborhoodd of the city you can also find a fortified castles Strečno and Lietava and Rajecké Teplice Spa.