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Accommodation - Horná Tižina, Terchová, Žilina region, Slovakia

Terchová heraldry Pension Salvius offers accommodation in Terchová village, in beautiful region of Malá Fatra. Accept our invitation and visit the birth place of well known rebel Juraj Jánošík and the major librarian of empress Maria Theresa - Adam František Kollár.

Discover 280 km of tourist and bicycle paths. A gondola lift will transport you 1400 m above sea level and if you would use your skis for a funny ride to the valley in the winter or if you would go for a walk to the Mala Fatra crest in the summer, you would agree with all travelers, poets and painters that Terchová will be engraved in your heart forever.

Visit us and discover a picturesque Terchová region, part of Žilina county, and enjoy your undisturbed stay.